deeLinde & Emiliano Sampaio

This duo is the combination of these two versatile and experienced musicians, which results in an extremely exotic result. DeeLinde and Emiliano Sampaio work in a constant crossover between Brazilian music, Austrian folk music, jazz and classical traditions. The result is folk music at its finest, where melody, harmony and rhythm organically blend into the music.

Emiliano Sampaio Jazz Orchestra

The ESJO has two versions, the European and the Brazilian big bands. Emiliano performs with both regularly and they feature some of the best musicians living in São Paulo (Brazil) and in Austria, where Emiliano is based since 2012.

The big bands benefit from the collaboration with writers, singers, and poetry slammers. Besides instrumental original compositions, the big bands also interpret pieces written for the texts of the famous Danish writer Ursula Andkjær Olsen, or the German poetry slammers David Friedrich and Thomas Spitzer. Their texts are intelligent and sarcastic and bring new possibilities for the big band sound.

The debut album "Tourists" from 2015 received amazing critics from the international media and a 4-Star Review from the famous Downbeat Magazine. The last album "Music for Small and Large Ensembles" was released in 2020 and its music has been performed all around the world by the ESJO and other big bands.

Nonet Mereneu Project

The composer, guitarist and trombonist Emiliano Sampaio has lived in Austria since 2012 and founded the Nonet Mereneu Project with top musicians from the Austrian scene back then. The nine-piece band released three albums and their last production was “Music for Large Ensembles Vol II” with expanded instrumentation involving string orchestra, harp, oboe, frech horn and classical percussion.


Meretrio is a rare example of a real band! It is active since 2004 and fascinates by its continuous search for new musical paths, having already released eight very distinct albums that explore the musical connection between these three Brazilian musicians: Luis Oliveira (drums, percussion), Gustavo Boni (bass) and Emiliano Sampaio.

„Meretrio is a cohesive unit that favours a tight, groove-oriented sound, but one that allows for immense freedom within that space.”
Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazine