Credits: Manuel Schafernack

Meretrio stands as a remarkable embodiment of an enduring musical ensemble. Since its inception in 2004, the band has consistently captivated audiences with its commitment to forging innovative musical pathways. Over the years, they have crafted ten distinct albums, each an exploration of the intricate musical connection shared by these three Brazilian musicians.

In the year 2024, Meretrio will reach an important milestone, releasing their 11th album while celebrating two decades as a band. The forthcoming album promises to bring original compositions inspired by the Afro-Brazilian music traditions, skillfully interwoven with elements of chamber music and jazz. The band's sonic tapestry is imbued with a rich quality, courtesy of their multifaceted instrumentation - three musicians expertly handle live drums, percussion, bass, guitar, trombone, and a loop machine, expanding the realm of sonic possibilities.

In recent years, Meretrio has ventured into collaborative endeavors, producing two albums in partnership with the renowned flutist and saxophonist Henrich von Kalnein from Jazz Big Band Graz: "Live at the Birds Eye" and "Passagem."

In 2021, Meretrio released an album entirely dedicated to Brazilian folk music, with a special focus on the genre of "Choro." This genre, born in 19th-century Brazil, is considered the progenitor of urban Brazilian music, and Meretrio's interpretation earned them a nomination from the deutschen Schallplattenkritik.

Their 2016 release, "Óbvio," garnered widespread acclaim, earning a four-star review from Downbeat Magazine. In 2019, the trio released a double album titled "Music for Small and Large Ensembles".

Their latest works have resonated with critics and enthusiasts alike, meriting the esteemed title of "Best Albums of the Year 2017" by Downbeat Magazine.

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"Emiliano sampaio is simply a wonderfully gifted musician! His talent is clearly represented on these new recordings, going back to his Brazilian roots. This is certainly a recording to add to your library!"

Jiggs Whigham, Former Bujazzo Conductor - 2020

"Meretrio digs deep into Brazilian Choro repertoire and in the process brings a completely fresh and beautiful sound."

Paulo Morello, Guitar Prof. Jazz Institut Berlin - 2020

„Meretrio is a cohesive unit that favours a tight, groove-oriented sound, but one that allows for immense freedom within that space.”

Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazin - 2017