In contemporary music, there are artists whose talent transcends convention and leaves a lasting impact on their audiences and fellow musicians. One such visionary is Emiliano Sampaio, a remarkable composer, arranger, guitarist and trombonist whose art transcends diverse cultures. His eclectic exposure to music became the basis for his later works, allowing him to incorporate a myriad of influences into his compositions. His music is a charming fusion of tradition and innovation, where elements of Brazilian folklore combine with contemporary jazz and world music to create unique soundscapes.

SK Jazz, Patrick Španko, 2023

It is an announcement of a developing musical epic, with an immediate fine role for the rhythm section that sets a riff-like jazz-rock feel.Emiliano has managed to bridge different more traditional musical cultures and the compositions are strong and refreshing. There is a lot of excitement to be heard.

JazzNu, Eric Van der Westen, March 2023

Sampaio allows the orchestra to act with great agility, creates space for excellently executed solos and creates musical tension from beginning to end.

& Duke Ellington, Andre Previn, Henry Mancini, John Lewis, to name just a few, left true masterpieces. Even if the reviewer doesn't want to exaggerate, he has to say that Emiliano Sampaio's "We Have a Dream" counts as one of these masterpieces.

Concerto Magazine, Christian Bakonyi, Oct 2022

Classical music lovers and jazzy big band fans will succumb to this album. There is so much creativity, talent in this writing and interpretation that a more curious audience should love it. Talented, inventive and generous are the words that come to mind when I think about this album.

Jazz Mania, Claudy Jalet, April 2023

It is a remarkable album, which proves not only Sampaio's compositional, but also arranging (I'm not afraid to write) genius. Colors are literally splashing in all directions, there is no lack of cinematography, which sometimes evokes Italian neorealism. In the composition Dry Soil, Stravinsky collides with noir drama, the composition Popping, Chopping And More would certainly have appealed to Ellington, and Dreamscapes to Schönberg. Ethno-jazz comes to the fore in Revolution, Oliver Nelson's influence is evident in Black. But these are no imitations, just take it as a crude attempt to approximate the music. Sampaio does not steal, but transforms and turns into a new quality!

SK Jazz, Patrick Španko, Oct 2022

While it might be tempting to play spot the influences, We Have a Dream is a completely original collection from an extremely creative, talented composer.

All About Jazz, Kyle Simpler, Nov 2022

We Have a Dream feels like the culmination of a unique, genre-blurring and time-defying process.

Jazziz, Matt Micucci, Nov 2022

Emiliano Sampaio has created a masterpiece with this skilful crossover between classic and jazz.

Jazz N´More 5 Star Review, Angela Ballhorn, Sep 2022

On We have a dream, Emiliano Sampaio and his Jazz Symphonic Orchestra deliver a musical spectacle of the extra class, one that doesn't leave you untouched and really grabs you in the most beautiful way. The very vivid sound, the pieces and melodies that are played invite you to go deeper into the music and let yourself be carried along.

Music Austria, Michael Ternai, Sep 2022

You only know Sampaio’s pieces when you’ve really heard them to the end. Hardly anyone else brings so many new ideas into jazz.

Jazzthetik Magazine, Hans Jürgen-Schaal, 2020

Die Bigband ist sensationell, es gibt keine Schwachstelle.

Concerto Magazin, 2019

Irgendwie wird man den Eindruck nicht los, hier bewerbe sich wer für die Erste Liga der Top-Arrangeure.

Fono Forum, 2019

Mr. Sampaios´s originality is undoubtedly putting a huge smile on the faces of Gil Evans, Moacir Santos and Rachmaninoff. Simply put: musical poetry in motion

Luis Bonilla, 2016

Emiliano Sampaio is an amazingly talented young Brazilian guitarist, trombonist, composer and arranger (…) His music is complex and beautiful. He is a “tourist” with a ticket to great things. I look forward to enjoying the ride.

Downbeat Magazine, Frank Alkyer, 2015

He seems to have a limitless supply of melodies. Sometimes I hear Mingus, sometimes early Ellington, sometimes Brazil, Paris, but always Emiliano.

Michael Abene, 2015