Double Review in the Downbeat Magazine Jan 2017

During 2016 I had the pleasure to release two new albums with my trio and my nonet in Brazil and in Europe.
I am really happy to announce we got a double review in the Downbeat Magazine. I hope you enjoy the review and you can also find the albums in Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, etc.
I also would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to my friends and musicians that take part in both albums!
Patrick Dunst, Mike Yevtushenko, Nicolo Loro – woodwinds
Pol Omedes, Marko Solman, Dominic Pessl – trumpets
Adam Ladanyi – trombone
Heinrich Von Kalnein – flute and saxophone
Gustavo Boni – bass
Luis Andre Gigante – drums
Max Ranzinger – bass

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