The Guitarist, trombonist, conductor, arranger and composer, born in São Paulo (Brazil) in 1984, studied music firstly at the University of Campinas. In 2012, Emiliano moved to Graz in Austria, where he studied jazz composition. In 2021, he finished his artistic doctoral research entitled “Restructuring Hierarchy Within and Between Jazz and Classical Orchestras” with honors. 

As a bandleader, Emiliano released eleven albums with his trio, his nonet and his own big band and his music was played in important Brazilian, Australian and European jazz clubs and festivals.

As a conductor, arranger and composer, he has worked with the Metropole Orkest (Netherlands), HR Frankfurt Radio Big Band, CCJO (Cologne), JazzKombinat  (Hamburg), Lungau Big Band (Salzburg), Fete Huppe (Hannover), Uptown Big Band (Bern), Wayjo (Perth), Toshi Clinch Big Band (Melbourne), Big Band & the Vocals (Copenhagen), HRT Croatian Radio Band, Uni Jazz Orchestra (Regensburg), Graz Composers Orchestra (Graz), Mere Bigband, Soundscape, Speaking Jazz Big Band (Sao Paulo), Jerimum Big Band (Natal), Badi Assad, Dominguinhos, Trombone Quartet of Campinas, Orquestra Experimental de Sao Carlos (Brazil) and others. 

Emiliano won many prizes for his work such as 1st Prize at the Karel Krautgartner composition contest (Prague), diverse “Downbeat Student Awards” in the categories “Best Small Jazz Combo”, “Jazz Soloist”, “Outstanding Original Composition”, “Outstanding Arrangement for Large Jazz Ensemble”, and 3rd Prize in the Jazz Comp Graz Composition Contest.

To buy the newest records directly with Emiliano, please check the Bandcamp.


Some lines about…

“You only know Sampaio’s pieces when you’ve really heard them to the end. Hardly anyone else brings so many new ideas into jazz.”

Jazzthetik Magazine, Hans Jürgen-Schaal (Germany, 2020)


“Die Bigband ist sensationell, es gibt keine Schwachstelle.”

Concerto Magazin about “Music for Small and Large Ensembles” (Austria, 2019)


„Irgendwie wird man den Eindruck nicht los, hier bewerbe sich wer für die Erste Liga der Top-Arrangeure.“

Fono Forum about “Music for Small and Large Ensembles” (Germany, 2019)


“Emiliano Sampaio has created an exceptional collection of original compositions. Beautifully performed and produced, both ensembles bring to life the work of a passionate young composer who is developing a unique and expressive voice.”

Dr. Dave Lisik about “Music for Small and Large Ensembles” (Victoria University of Wellington – New Zealand)


“Mr. Sampaios´s originality is undoubtedly putting a huge smile on the faces of Gil Evans, Moacir Santos and Rachmaninoff. Simply put: musical poetry in motion”

Luis Bonilla (Professor at the Manhattan School of Music NY) 2016


“Emiliano Sampaio is an amazingly talented young Brazilian guitarist, trombonist, composer and arranger (…) His music is complex and beautiful. He is a “tourist” with a ticket to great things. I look forward to enjoying the ride.”

Frank Alkyer (Downbeat Magazine) 2015


Big Band foto from Eckhart Derschmidt


“He seems to have a limitless supply of melodies. Sometimes I hear Mingus, sometimes early Ellington, sometimes Brazil, Paris, but always Emiliano.”

Michael Abene (WDR Big Band Conductor) 2015


“(…) Emiliano Sampaio and his Mereneu Project have created something very special with this recording, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Ed Partyka (HR Big Band Conductor) 2014


“What a lovely track. The choppiness of the opening guitar notes leads into a languid ballad that gets more dreamy as it goes along. Just beautiful.”

All About Jazz about the track “Pe de Moca” 2011

Master Research (University of Campinas – Unicamp) 1377033589_Adobe-Acrobat-Reader


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