New CD Release in 2015

In 2015 we are releasing our first Big Band album with the MEGA MERENEU PROJET.
This first track is my present to São Paulo, the city where I was born and lived until 27 years old.

A big thank you for all the people that helped making this project and I hope you enjoy the making-off Videos made by Alice Dalgalarrondo!

The band: Mario Stuhlhofer,​ Dominic Pessl,​ Gerhard Ornig,​ Marko Solman,​ Werner Hansmann,​ Ádám Ladányi,​ Karel Eriksson,​ Carlo Grandi​, Johannes Oppel,​ Heinrich von Kalnein,​ Patrick Dunst,​ Jan Kopcak​, Tobias Pustelnik,​ Thomas Fröschl​, Michael Lagger,​ Maximilian Ranzinger​, Luis Andre Gigante

The sound engineers: Ulrich Katzenberger​, Tobias Feld​, Alexander Zwierzina, Werner Angerer

Designer, photographer, video maker: Pedro Faria De Conti​, Una Stade,​ Alice Paula Dalgalarrondo​

My tecahers Ed Partyka​ and Michael Abene​