New CD Release in 2015

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In 2015 we are releasing our first Big Band album with the MEGA MERENEU PROJET.
This first track is my present to São Paulo, the city where I was born and lived until 27 years old.

A big thank you for all the people that helped making this project and I hope you enjoy the making-off Videos made by Alice Dalgalarrondo!

The band: Mario Stuhlhofer,​ Dominic Pessl,​ Gerhard Ornig,​ Marko Solman,​ Werner Hansmann,​ Ádám Ladányi,​ Karel Eriksson,​ Carlo Grandi​, Johannes Oppel,​ Heinrich von Kalnein,​ Patrick Dunst,​ Jan Kopcak​, Tobias Pustelnik,​ Thomas Fröschl​, Michael Lagger,​ Maximilian Ranzinger​, Luis Andre Gigante

The sound engineers: Ulrich Katzenberger​, Tobias Feld​, Alexander Zwierzina, Werner Angerer

Designer, photographer, video maker: Pedro Faria De Conti​, Una Stade,​ Alice Paula Dalgalarrondo​

My tecahers Ed Partyka​ and Michael Abene​