First “Mereneu Project” Album

I am happy to announce that my first CD recorded in Europe is ready!
After moving from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Graz (Austria) to make my master in Jazz Composition, I started the “Mereneu Project” in 2012 and this Album is the result of a lot of work!
I hope you enjoy it, and you get more information in the pdf release that is attached.
A big thank you to Ed Partyka, Ulrich Katzenberger, Tobias Feld, Werner Angerer, SKE Fonds and Pedro de Conti for the big help with this project !

The CD will be officially released by the label Session Works from April to June 2014 in Austria.

Everybody is already invited to the concerts:
3 April – ZWE – Wien 20 Uhr
4 April – Leibnitz Kult – Leibnitz 20 Uhr
10 April – Gamsbart Unicafé – Graz 21 Uhr 11.April – Brick 5 – Wien 20:30 Uhr 17. Mai – Jazz-Club Kammerlichtspiele – Klagenfurt  20:30 Uhr 27. Juni – KUG Redoute in Mumuth – Graz
Best wishes and see you!