Mereneu Project

First “Mereneu Project” Album

I am happy to announce that my first CD recorded in Europe is ready!
After moving from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Graz (Austria) to make my master in Jazz Composition, I started the “Mereneu Project” in 2012 and this Album is the result of a lot of work!
I hope you enjoy it, and you get more information in the pdf release that is attached.
A big thank you to Ed Partyka, Ulrich Katzenberger, Tobias Feld, Werner Angerer, SKE Fonds and Pedro de Conti for the big help with this project !

Big Band Project

One year of work writing big band compositions. Now the Cd is written, only rehearse, play and record!

Each piece had it´s beginning in one diferent city and of Europe or in my own city (Sao Paulo), and next month we begin the rehearsals to record this project with 17 great musicians and friends. Four Scores are available here to be downloaded if you are a bit curious about the music!