Here you can watch the piece beeing performed live in Graz. I had the honour to conduct the KUG Jazz Symphonic Orchestra playing my piece “De Norte a Sul”. This piece just got the “Downbeat Student Award – Outstanding Composition for Large Ensemble 2017” and I hope you enjoy it.


2017 downbeat award

During 2016 I had the pleasure to release two new albums with my trio and my nonet in Brazil and in Europe.
I am really happy to announce we got a double review in the Downbeat Magazine. I hope you enjoy the review and you can also find the albums in Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, etc.

I also would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to my friends and musicians that take part in both albums!
Patrick Dunst, Mike Yevtushenko, Nicolo Loro – woodwinds
Pol Omedes, Marko Solman, Dominic Pessl – trumpets
Adam Ladanyi – trombone
Heinrich Von Kalnein – flute and saxophone
Gustavo Boni – bass
Luis Andre Gigante – drums
Max Ranzinger – bass

We just came from a brazilian tour with the nonet “Mereneu Project”. We played in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Ribeirao Preto, Belo Horizonte and Campinas and had 10 concerts in two weeks. Soon we will release some videos from the concerts. But for now, you can check all making of videos that we released during the recording of our new CD.

Making of:

“Mereneu Sings in the Rain”:

Tenor Sax solo from Mike Yevtushenko:

Guitar solo recording:

Adam Ladanyi plays “Die Posaune”:



I am very happy to annouce our brazilian tour with “Meretrio”, but specially with the “Mereneu Project”, because taking nine people from Austria to Brazil to play involves a lot of organization and it was one year of hard work to make this possible! I am also very happy because both project are releasing new CDs and we are taking many of them with us across the globe.

Here you find all information about the concerts:


Rio de Janeiro – Savassi Festival

Data: 29 de junho, às 20h
Local: Oi Futuro Ipanema (Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 54 – Ipanema)
Entrada: R$30,00 (inteira), R$15,00 (meia)


Belo Horizonte

Savassi Festival – 30 de junho, às 20h
Local: Café com Letras Savassi (rua Antônio de Albuquerque, 781, Savassi)
Entrada: R$ 15


Data: 2 de julho, às 20h45
Local: Palco Skol (praça Santa Teresa)
Entrada: franca


Sao Paulo

Data: 4 de julho
Local: Teatro Comunne (Rua da Consolação, 1218)


Ribeirao Preto

Data: 6 de julho
Local: SESC Ribeirao Preto (R. Tibiriçá, 50 – Centro, Ribeirão Preto – SP, 14010-090)
Entrada: franca


Sao Paulo

Data: 8 de julho
Local: Festival Itinerante Komboio Cultural (Largo da Batata, 05426-030 São Paulo)
Entrada: franca


Data: 9 de julho
Local: JazznosFundos (Rua João Moura, 1076, 05412-001 São Paulo)



Data: 10 de julho
Local: “Grandes Bandas Grandes” (Concha Acústica do Taquaral – Av. Heitor Penteado, s/n, Campinas)
Entrada: franca


Sao Paulo

Data: 11 de julho
Local: SESC Instrumental Brasil (R. Dr. Vila Nova, 245 – Vila Buarque, São Paulo – SP, 01222-020)
Entrada: franca


Some videos from the production of our next “Meretrio” Album “Óbvio”. Big thank you to Alice Dalgalarrondo for the video editions.