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New Interview

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mere big band

This week I am really happy to play some of my compositions with great musicians and friends in São Paulo – Brazil. The concerts will be at SESC Pompeia on 15th and 16th February. And if you want to learn some portuguese and know a bit about this project, you can watch my short interview made by the website NaVitrola.

See you!


First “Mereneu Project” Album

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Mereneu Project
I am happy to announce that my first CD recorded in Europe is ready!
After moving from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Graz (Austria) to make my master in Jazz Composition, I started the “Mereneu Project” in 2012 and this Album is the result of a lot of work!
I hope you enjoy it, and you get more information in the pdf release that is attached.
A big thank you to Ed Partyka, Ulrich Katzenberger, Tobias Feld, Werner Angerer, SKE Fonds and Pedro de Conti for the big help with this project !

New CD “Bunt und Kuehl”

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Bunt und Kuhl

In February of 2013 we had the Mere Bigband world premier in Sao Paulo – Brazil. At the concert we played the composition “Die Sonne” that was written for the text of Kaleb Erdmann for the project “Bunt und Kühl”, from the Uni Jazz Orchester Regensburg. Many people from Sao Paulo wrote original texts for the music and we published these texts last year on internet! And now everyone can hear the original text and the music because the CD “Bunt udn Kühl” is ready. I hope you like it!

New Free Jazz Composition

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After one week free jazz workshops in Poland in July 2013 I started writing some free jazz experiences. This piece is called WIST, and it is dedicated to the concert hall of the jazz department in Graz, that is a mix of bar, theater, rehearsal room, etc…

You will need a little patience to hear the piece because it is 18 minutes long, but if you survive until the end, then write for me with some impressions. This band is my first quartet with the great musicians Luis Andre (Drums), Jan Kopcac (Sax) and Ivar Krizic (Bass).

I hope you enjoy and if you would like to see/play the piece partiture, please write and I will be glad to send it!